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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Key to Effective Link Building

Presence of effective backlinks on your website is essential to make sure that your site is finely optimized for search engines. Spare some time to discover other means by which you can take your Search Engine Optimization to the heights of success. Here we will be essentially focusing on Link Building Campaign, the popularity component, which deals with the number and quality of links coming back to the website. But keep in mind one thing, high-quality Link Development takes a relatively long time. There is no shortcut to make your link building campaign a success.

There are certain factors you must take care of, while developing your Link Program. Don't buy links from link farms, because links from such directories last for a short duration and will prove worthless after some time. The other significant factor that needs attention is relevance of the links. Always buy links from relevant websites, the websites that can relate to your business in some way or have the same topics as yours. This will result in a quality link profile that will ultimately interpret into more publicity for your site and higher visibility in search engine results. Take your time to analyze which ones can actually be of value to you.

While in the race of Link Building, site owners generally miss out one significant consideration that is buying the link from a non-operational website. So, check the status of the domains you are taking into account yourself and if they are expired it is suggested to avoid them and save yourself the money; they probably will not be of any use to you. Your outbound links should be as less as you can make it, as higher number of outbound links lead to lower rankings.

Few more things to consider: contextual links are likely seen by Google as being more natural and hence will give more weightage to these over other links. Find a site that has relevant keywords to yours for a higher ranking in Google search engine results page. Last but not the least, it would be best to avoid buying a site wide text link if all the other outbound links on that site have nothing to do with the site in consideration.

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