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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Search Engines Popularity

Do you want to know which is the most Popular Search Engine? Don't be amazed with the results, because you all love this search engine, and whenever you seek information or services, the first search engine you open is this, yes the most popular search engine is “GOOGLE”. 80% people on this planet look for information in GOOGLE, 3.6% find it in Yahoo and 2.5% use MSN. The reason behind Google's popularity is it's multilingual feature. No other search engine offers search options in different languages. Whereas in U.S. Figures vary to some extent, here Google is used by 44%, Yahoo by 28.7% and MSN by 12.5%.

Maximum use long trail search phrases to locating information or products/services. Around 50% of people use two keywords phrases, 30% used three keywords and 10% four or more keywords. So, you better optimize your websites with 'long trail' phrases.

Typically, people around the world, visit top 3-5 websites out of millions of results displayed by search engines. 60% of all the traffic goes to Top Ranking Websites. Hardly 30% of people care to visit websites ranking 6-10 and 10% move to page 2. Sometimes when you find the information on page 1 you rather run a second search query. Website owner's who managed to get rank among the top 3 their world turned around and from a keyword that they rarely got traffic is now their biggest hit. This happens in highly relevant keywords where people find what they are looking for on the top 3-5 results and don’t even bother to go beyond that.

Now if we talk about Paid Advertisements, then stats show that only about 2%-5% of all users click often on advertisements and about 25% state that they “sometimes” click them. Other 25% say that they never click on ads and approximately 50% very rarely clicks on ads.
They believe organic search engine results are the best adverting method to gain maximum traffic. So, Optimize Your Website for organic search results, which costs less but pays more. PPC Campaigns are very expensive, but beneficial.

A major part of web surfers belong to people between the age of 25-34, followed by 19% for 45-54, 15% of youngsters 18-24, 10% of teenagers, 12% for 55 and older and on last place 9.7% people of age 35-44. This tells that large portion of website visitors are belongs to people ranging between 25 to 54.

So, optimize your website for organic results to appease God Google with long trail keyword phrases.

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