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Friday, July 27, 2007

Google Analytics Special Features

Along with featuring all the desired features to measure the statistical data, Google Analytics, a world-class Keyword Analysis and statistics tracker, it boasts several other tools which which put it ahead of most of the pack where ease-of-use and depth-of-information is concerned.

1. The Map Overlay
Primarily, this feature shows the world map, presenting the countries a site's visitors stem from. A simple click on a country generates a close-up view, together with a geographical breakdown as per the region and/or city from which web surfers accessed the site. This tool beneficial for all those webmasters with geo-specific sites, targeting a specific catchment area.

2. The Site Overlay
This is reasonably Google Analytics' most significant feature from a webmaster's or online business owner's panaroma, because it brings out a hands-on view of visitor behavior. Once you click 'Site Overlay', it opens the tracked web site in a new window showing each link on the screen with a bar, carrying information about clicks to the target page and goal values reached. As it gives a liberty to the site owner to stroll his or her site and see exactly how visitors crawl through it. Hence, you can raise your conversion rate by keeping a check on all the stats.

3. Goals and Funnels
For informative sites, visits to website is as important as sales for business. The 'Goals & Funnels' feature allows users to set up definitive goals for their site, like chasing a visitor to the 'Thank you for your enquiry' page for instance.
It also enables the user to set up definitive monetary values for each goal, and thus track the site's financial performance and profit during any specified duration. The term 'Funnels' refers to the specific path a visitor takes to reach the goal's target page.

4. Graphical Representations
You can view your information in the form of list, graph, pie chart, flow chart or however you want it. This may not a big advantage but it definitely makes things comfortable.
Google Analytics offers webmasters and site owners a highly effective means of tracking visitors and examining statistical data, easily the equal of most subscription based services in the industry.

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