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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Five steps of good web designing

Building a website is easy but designing it is not. Following are the five essential steps required for a good web designing:
• Determine your website’s goal so that the website can be designed accordingly. Choose a domain name for your website. Either do it yourself or hire a consultant for it. Hire persons to design your website and also others who will write the content for your website. Assign someone to do the site maintenance job. Select the correct keywords for your website.
• Carefully plan your website on paper first. Do detailed planning on all the things like the content, link sharing etc. Using templates while designing your website can help gain consistency for your website and also the coding process will be sped up.
• In your website design, don’t use technology just for the sake of it. Avoid using gadgets such as Java/JavaScript, animated GIF, too many graphics and other tools unnecessarily. Using these gadgets slow down the loading speed of your webpage. If your page takes too long to download, people will just move out of your site as they will loose the interest.
• Add a device through which anyone interested can contact you. It is as simple as adding an email link. Add a device through which your visitors can tell you their opinions about your site. This is specially required if your purpose is business on net. Use simple navigation links so that visitors can easily move through the pages of your website. Also optimize your site so that they become search engine friendly.
• Test your website and make sure it is supported by the different browsers, resolutions, computers etc. so that every interested visitor can view the content of your website without any problem

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