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Monday, July 23, 2007

Role of Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research is the foundation to a successful SEO campaign, so it is significant to perform it correctly and carefully. Beginners sometimes do not take keyword research seriously and thinks it's an easy task, but I am sorry to say that keyword research is a daunting task. Free keyword research tools are helpful but one needs to put in his own efforts too. These tools can suggest you keywords but it is your job to find out the best keywords for your website, the keywords that most aptly define your business. When performed correctly, expert keyword research exposes so much more - all the gems that are tucked away deep.
Keyword research needs expertise and experience, so it is suggested to consult an SEO firm to perform this task. Getting keyword research done from SEO Consultancy is not an expenditure, it's an investment. Following are some important factors that you must keep in mind while researching and analyzing for keywords:-
Keyword Research for Each Page of Website
Using dozens of keywords in the meta data is not so effective. For better results, research keywords for each page of the website and use 3 to 5 relevant keywords in the meta title and description of the page. It is time consuming, but results are sure shot.
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) - Use multi-word phrases
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an essential in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for higher rankings in search results. LSI is based on the relationship, the "clustering" or positioning, the variations of terms and the iterations of your keyword phrases.
It is not a new concept. SEO Experts know using synonyms and "long tail" keyword terms which is a simpler "explanation" to LSI, is beneficial to rank higher in all the major search engines. Oftenly these long tail, less generic phrases fetch more traffic to your site than the main keyword terms. Latent Semantic Indexing is currently a MUST in keyword research and SEO.
Use Country Specific Keyword Research
Keyword phrases can be country specific. Similar words are spelled differently in different countries like USA spell “analyze”, and UK, Australia spell “analyse”. So there are different keywords you must look for and then reference that country's search engine when doing your initial keyword research.
Referencing the search phrases in the corresponding search engine is a significant element to keyword research that is generally forgotten. So for example, be sure to check the search terms on google.co.uk or au.yahoo.com.
Keyword Analysis
Once your keyword is research is completed, analyze your keywords. Find out the competition for all the terms you have chosen for your SEO Campaign. Besides testing the competitiveness of your key phrases you should look at the strength of the competition. Check out whether the other sites displayed for your keywords are actually your competitors? Also see, are the sites listed relevant to your business?
Follow up Keyword Research
While you may think that you have completed your keyword research analysis and laid a solid foundation for your SEO, you need to keep monitoring your keywords and tweak as necessary.
Effective Keyword Research forms the building blocks for effective SEO results and can help you sprout the ranking process - perhaps even providing you a step up on your competitors.

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