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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Increase Your Website Traffic By Website Optimization

In my opinion, a successful website should have the capability to drive traffic towards itself. If your website can't pull visitors, I must say, this is a serious matter, start working towards it! Relevant traffic plays a significant role in the success of your business. So, to help you in this mission, I can suggest some traffic building steps that will surely lead your business to heights.
Pray to God Google. What? This must be your reaction. You must be wondering what I am saying, but yes start pleasing Google, make your websites Google friendly to attract traffic towards your website. Try using keywords in the headings and in the content of the pages. Distribute your keywords and variations throughout the copy but don't keyword spam, just let the engines know this is what your page is about.
This doesn't mean you completely ignore the other giants yahoo and MSN,use some strategies that complement these two too.
Use relevant keywords, check the number of daily and monthly searches on tools like WordTracker, overture, etc.. Despite incorporating highly competitive keywords in the content, meta data, titles and descriptions, include long trail key phrases with less competition.
Another important factor that helps in driving traffic is Good Content. Write original, high quality and relevant content on your website to satisfy webmasters as well as visitors. Keep everything on topic and within the scope of your site.
Article Submissions is gaining popularity, but this doesn't mean it has lost it's value. Submissions are still as important as it was earlier. Writing informative articles on your site's topic is still one of the excellent ways to get Targeted Traffic to your site. Place your links with your targeted keyword anchor text in the resource box. It will help you in gaining one way links to your site and eventually in attaining high rankings with huge relevant traffic. You can also write blogs and RSS feeds.
There are several more ways to drive relevant traffic to your site, but implementing the above mentioned will definitely help in increasing the traffic on your site. Simply, appease the Search Engine gods by incorporating these steps into practice.

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