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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Keyword Factors in Search Engine Optimization

Keywords use in title tag - We have seen nowadays good and fast results by placing keywords in the title tags, especially for Fresh websites, They are having a good ranking in the SERP's. The Prominence of the keyword is very much important. Additionally if you do one action on your website, just place the title tags in the page and after 10 days see the results in search engines.

Keywords use in Body Text or Content

This is a important section for using the keywords because it makes sense for the web page. The content must be unique otherwise the site can be out of serp's. The keyword density must be 8-12% not more than that (according to Google webmaster guidelines). The Content can place a permanent position for your website in the search engines. Yahoo and Google both prefers Content optimization in search engine optimization.

Keywords use in H Tags

The H Tags are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. These tags are very important and they are playing a important role in search engine optimization. H1 is a Heading tag and this is very important for Google and Yahoo optimization. Excessive use These tags may hurt your search ranking as well. Use these tags in an appropriate manner.

Keywords Use in Domain Name and Page Name

Place a Primary word in The domain name is good and useful in search engine rankings. If the keyword search matched with your domain name than it is strongly weighted. Some other ways are place the keywords in the urls, this methods is also helps in search engine rankings.

Keywords use in alt and image titles

By Using targeted keywords in alt and image titles is very beneficial in image search. It gives some weightage in web search but it will definitely effect your search engine rankings in the positive manner.

Keywords in bold and strong tags

Placing the strong and bold tag in the content gives a little weightage, not very much. Bold tags are used for markups and strong tags used for emphasis. We generally use strong tags to highlight the main keywords in the content they gives some attention to the visitor and crawlers.

Keywords use in description and Keywords tags.

There is no need to use keyword stuffing in the description tags, Description will only attract visitor. Description tags must contain the summary of the page. The keyword tags contains the keywords which you are using in the page body text for search engine optimization.

This is main factors for Keywords use in search engine optimization If you required some other information for keyword analysis then don't hesitate to contact us


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