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Friday, November 14, 2008

Which Links prove to be beneficial for SEO?

The companies providing SEO services in India believe that all links are not equally beneficial for a website. According to these companies, the following five factors decide the quality and usefulness of a link:

  • Relevancy of the website where the link is present: Links on the relevant websites are more useful. By purchasing few powerful and relevant links, a website can outrank other websites with many more links. It is true that it is not possible to get all the backlinks from relevant sites. But, the more number of links from relevant sites, the better.
  • Page rank of the website and the popularity of the link: According to SEO in India, it is necessary to get links from popular sites. Links from popular sites increase the chances of getting ranked better in the search engines.
  • Number of outbound links on the webpage: Companies providing link building services in India, consider the number of outbound links on the webpage while purchasing a link. It is a very important factor. The webpage with too many outbound links is not preferable from the SEO point of view. On the other hand, authoritative sites which link with other sites prove to be useful and provide many benefits. Wikipedia.org, Directory.Yahoo.com, DMOZ.com are few such sites.
  • The creation date of the site where the link is present: The older sites are more powerful for ranking other sites. Also, the older sites are trusted more by the search engines. The links on sites which are two years old have a good weight. The links on sites which are more than five years old are even more powerful.
  • Placement of the link on the webpage: The placement of a link on a webpage is very important. The search engines break down the webpage into several blocks, which have their own weight. For example - The links placed on the top of the site are more valuable than the ones placed at the bottom. Also the links placed on the top will get more clicks, therefore, will draw in more traffic.

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