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Friday, October 31, 2008

How can blogs help your website’s optimization?

Companies providing SEO services in India find blogs to be a useful tool for optimizing a website. Blogs are website’s content management systems with added features like track backs, comments and RSS.

Every SEO company in India believes that there are many benefits of using blogs as a tool while optimizing a website. Given below are few points which will explain how blogs can prove to be beneficial in search engine optimization:

  • Structured content: Blog software which have different categories, allow the placement of content according to the themes. This facilitates to categorize the content algorithmically without any difficulty. If a search engine is able to understand a website’s content, there are better chances of getting ranked on the search engines.
  • RSS: Links to RSS feed URLs, using the blog domain name, helps in building link popularity. When RSS content gets syndicated and cited by other blogs, links which are embedded, also helps in drawing traffic.
  • Use of fresh content: SEO in India use fresh and unique content, as it always receives positive feedback from both search engines and visitors. From the perspective of a search engine, a site can be more frequently crawled, enabling the content to become quickly searchable. Also, the visitors find websites with fresh and unique content to be more reliable.
  • Easily crawlable URLs: Blog software offers an URL structure which is uncomplicated and can be crawled easily by search engines to find blog content.
  • Inbound links: Blogs get linked to each other easily compared to websites. They also act as the major sources connecting a website to many social media and social news websites. Getting connected to more media means attracting more links. Blogs therefore encourage more links and traffic.
  • Internal links: Blogs link text to the internal pages of a website. This proves to be very beneficial for better ranking of the website. This is one of the main seasons why blogs are used as a tool for search engine optimization in India.
  • Active community: Blogs encourage better interaction through the comment and trackback features. A blog community which is active is also rewarded by the search engines.
  • Improve traffic: Blogs help in generating considerable amounts of traffic through RSS and links.

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