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Friday, September 07, 2007

White Hat SEO Techniques

A website without traffic has to work hard to solve their purpose, whether it aims to entertain, sell or inform. A website needs optimization as an blog or website which is perfectly optimized attracts quality traffic and is likely to be a part of search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. This helps these websites not only in attracting visitors but also generates leads. The selection of these techniques for optimization incurs the difference between white hat and black hat SEO techniques. Like in old western movies the person seen with white hat was considered a good guy in comparison to a guy wearing black hat who is considered bad.

Similarly in the field of SEO white hat SEO techniques are considered ethical or fair way of Search Engine Optimization. According to the webmasters those following black hat compete with search engines whereas those working according to white hat are competing with the fellow counterparts. “White Hat” is actually a term used for describing those SEO techniques that work in an ethical manner according to the guidelines of search engines. That is for example writing a fresh and original content or article is considered a white hat or ethical way whereas using a particular software for generating pages of content is black hat way.

That is not simple in reality and there are number of ways considered unethical, like generating content or modifying the content that is already available online. Unfortunately, these black hat websites are able to short term profits. But with the upcoming algorithms of search engines these kind of content would be de-indexed and hence they will not be able to get traffic. One more thing, these techniques generate pages that search engine crawlers love, but actually they do not make sense for humans. While talking about White Hat Techniques, it is to be considered that this technique emphasize on producing original content that is useful for both the spiders and humans. There are minimal chances of being de-indexed by the search engines and hence the website can generate long term profits.

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