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Monday, September 03, 2007

Website Design and Application Development in India

Nowadays, most of the Web Application Development projects fizzle or remain unsuccessful in fulfilling user's requirements. If somehow projects are completed, then they go beyond the set budgets and time lines.

Scope of the Web Application

Prior to start developing a web application, scope of the application should be thoroughly analyzed and documented, considering the users of the product, it's benefits to them, etc..

Competitor Analysis

Review competitor's websites, figure out the goods and bads in the other website. This will help you to know the dos and don'ts which can lead your application overtake your competitors. Additionally you can consider other functionalities that you can add in your web application.

Practical Solutions

Don't rush towards Web Application Development process, before starting the process, thoroughly estimate the time in man- hours, resources needed, etc.. Document everything you discuss, allot and your micro parts of the applications and all complexities involved. This will surely help in making your project a success.

Don't Push your schedule

It is suggested not to push the development process or prepone the schedule for marketing reasons. Modifications in the schedule may lead to several bugs, which may cost even more than the estimated. Hurrying your programmer to complete the modules before the time specified for that, can not help the Application Development a success. If you are managing the project keep the original estimated time and the development plan and not the exigency.

Quality Testing

Test your application with different possible and impossible parameters as many times as you can. Intensive testing is needed in this competitive product world. Use effective testing tools and methods that most appropriately works with your applications.
Besides product or module testing, everybody involved in the process should follow the standards and procedures of the company. If your team does not have a good stand on Quality you can not achieve quality web application.

Be a little more careful and particular, I am sure your application will be a success.
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