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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Website Supplement Pages are Now in Google Main Index

Supplemental index enhances the possibilities of indexing more web pages and the content was made available while producing relevant search results for user queries. This was beneficial for queries that were unable to return sufficient results from the main web index, and for these the supplemental index allowed to query even more web pages. Now, as google has removed the tag supplemental pages, users will be able to find more and better results for their queries. But still some constraints have been imposed on sites that are crawled for the supplemental index. These are typically pages with lower PageRank or those with more complex URLs. Thus the supplemental index serves a significant purpose: to index as much of the relevant content that has been crawled.

The recent changes provides deeper and more continuous indexing. Besides, supplemental indexing Google will index URLs with more parameters and are continuing to place fewer constraints on the sites that are crawled by it. As a result, Supplemental Results are fresher and more comprehensive than ever. The gap between the main and the supplemental index is now narrowing and you will benefit from Google's supplemental index being deeper and fresher.

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