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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Online Advertising and Online Marketing Continues to Grow

A recent survey on Advertising Expenditure has shown that almost $1000 m has already been spent on online advertising in the first quarter of year 2007. The hardest hit till now was the business magazine sector; with ad spend crashing down to 6.6% to £203m. This was followed by regional newspapers, which fell 3.8% to £705m; national papers, which experienced a decline of 1.8% to £492m; and consumer magazines, which fell 1.4% to £188m.
On a whole, there is downfall in press advertising to 3.3% to $60 bn, with advertisers investing 4.8% less on classified and 2.1% less on display.
Advertisers are spending very less on TV and Radio advertising also. Online Advertising has taken over the entire advertising market.

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