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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Table Less Web Design Templates

Table Less Web Design Layouts are quite popular at this time. These website are xhtml/css based designs and their all functionality will be controlled by the Style Sheets. The Benefits of these layouts are very impressive. Here are some of them:

1. The code will be neat and clean and easily understandable for future revisions.
2. The Xhtml/Css based templates will become lightweighted, By this you can reduce the page size and the bandwidth consumed by the search engines traffic and unique visitors traffic.
3. Xhtml/Css websites will load faster than Table Layouts.
4. The web page becomes easy to read for the web crawlers and Search Engines will come at your website very frequently and By this you will get better SERPs.

The summary is, These layouts are very easy to create and maintain. The containers are difficult to edit as compared xhtml/Css designs are very easy to navigate and changable. You can change in css file and this will effect in all the web pages of the website.

These Web Design Templates are easily created by Web design India Company.

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