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Friday, May 18, 2007

Website Performance

There are so many websites which are going up and many which are unexpected flop. There are some reason by which the website get flops here are some reasons for them:

1. The Load time of your website is long, The user and the search engine get more time to crawl. This case visitor will leave from your website very early and the performance get down.

2. The navigation of the website is poor, User can't easily get what they want from your website.

3. There are more under construction pages or unfinished pages in your website.

4. The color combination of your website is not attractive. The colors of your website don't strain the user or visitor.

5. The website contact information is missing, The contact information on the website must be easily accessible.

6. The server downtime is more, Server should be 100 percent up. server downtime will hurt your website by the search engines and the visitor both.
7. The website will be informative about all the services and products.

8. There should be no broken links and script errors in the website.

we hope above information will help you to build a Successful Website! If you required some other information about Search Engine Marketing or Seo Services than contact US.


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